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Do you have
bail debt
in California?

You are not alone! Over 1 million people living in California have bail debt, too.

Alone we are vulnerable, but together we are powerful. Let's work together to abolish bail debt, establish full pretrial freedom, and take abolitionist steps to end the Prison Industrial Complex.

The Debt Collective is a movement of people who hold debt or overdue bills and our allies. We work with partners and organizations across the state to bring people with debt together to take on the predatory companies who take money from our communities. To do this, we raise our voices, run strategic campaigns, and fight back against the bail bond industry; read more about our strategy.


If you are cosigned on someone else’s bail debt, the first step to getting involved is to fill out the Abolish Bail Debt Tool. This free tool will allow you to dispute your bail bond debt AND will connect you with the Bail Debtors Union the Debt Collective is creating.

If you aren’t eligible to use the tool, we still need you to join the fight. Learn how to get involved here!

Is this tool right for you?

Did you sign a contract with a bail bonds company in California?


Did you bail someone other than yourself out of jail?*

*If someone bailed you out, contact them and have them use this tool! If you bailed yourself out, this tool won’t work for you yet. However, the Bail Clinic at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area may be able to help.

How we use and protect your personal data

Your data belongs to you

When using this tool, you will be asked for some information about yourself, your bail bond contract, and your current bail situation. We will use the information you provide to draft a dispute letter to send to the bail bonds company collecting your debt. We will use your data to create the dispute letter, mail the dispute letter on your behalf, and follow-up with you if we need to.

This tool also has the potential to inform broader bail resistance work in California. In order to do this work, we may share some information about your case with organizers, bail reform lawyers, and researchers. We won’t share your personal information unless we get your permission first.


This Abolish Bail Debt Tool (“Tool”) is being provided as a free public service for cosigners on bail bonds contracts who are unable to get help from an attorney or legal services group to dispute their bail bond debt. This tool does not provide legal advice and the Debt Collective is not your attorney, nor are any of its employees. If you have questions about your rights or responsibilities, we encourage you to contact a lawyer or legal services group. You can locate free or low cost legal services at